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Customer Testimonials - Intarsia Patterns
NOV 2012

-Thought I’d drop you a mail from sunny South Africa because your Leopard’s Lair struck me as being unquestionably the best rendering of INTARSIA I’ve come across in the fifteen odd years I’ve been at the craft. I’ve managed to (hopefully successfully) make some your patterns from past Creative Woodworks & Craft editions and is an ardent fan of your designs. Keep on with your remarkable talent. Gunnie LR.  Cape Town, SA.

- "I worked with stained glass and wanted to find something similar to the the glass technique that I could do with wood. I found information about segmentation and intarsia. After several months of doing segmentation I decided to look for classes to learn intarsia. I was lucky enough to be able to take a class with Kathy. Kathy sees immediately what your talent level is after viewing a few of your art pieces. Her workshop and studio is impressive. Kathy's teaching method is wonderful. Her depth of knowledge and unique ability to communicate and demonstrate the technique can be understood by any level of student. I can't wait to start using the newly acquired knowledge on my next piece. I highly recommend that if you really want to lear the art of Intarsia you take a class with Kathy Wise. "Thanks again and hopefully I will be coming back for another class. Cindy

I am a big fan and I have already handcrafted several of your patterns. I must admit that the Jaguar was a challenge.  I am sure that you get these kind of emails often but I just wanted to express my appreciation for the folks who actually create the patterns.  Thanks and continue to create amazing patterns for us to build.  A. Dugas  , Montreal, Quebec.

-I recently attended on of Kathy's workshops.  It was a wonderful learning experience.  The biggest thing for me will be remembering everything that I learned.  With her diligent guidance, I was able to produce my best piece to date.  There were so many little tricks and nuances that she has learned through the years; that she willingly shared with us.
       Kathy is a very unique person, she is an artist and a teacher.  That combination is a rarity.   Her artwork is amazing.  I had the good fortune of viewing two of her murals first hand.  As awesome as they look on her website, it does not do them justice.  I don't think anyone can bring wood back to life, but Kathy comes closer than anyone else. When you listen to her talk you gain an appreciation for her passion.
       With her teaching, again I am impressed.  Her largest virtue is her patience.  I'm about as slow as Christmas and not once did Kathy lose her patience with me.  There isn't one instance that stands out to me, but the entire class was about helping us become better at our craft.  In case you haven't noticed I highly recommend this class.  My only concern is that those people talk kinda funny up there. Charlie H. TN

-I would like to thank you for making such a beautiful "Intarsia Rose" picture frame.  Also, for sharing it with the world and making it available to the rest of us, who are much less talented.  I made the rose frame for my wife for Christmas and it turned out pretty good and she loved it.  I attached photos for you… This is just a hobby and stress-reliever for me (it took me about two months to make each one) and without plans like yours, it would be more difficult and less fun.  Once again, thank you.   Blaine Haight, Bakersfield, CA

-Recently I ordered some tools and other items in England. One book took made me curious because of the beautiful cover, showing a wonderful frog. Since recently I had to carve a frog on a banjo neck, it took my special attention. So surprised to see and amazed to discover a new world of woodworking, I like to congratulate you with your creative work and thank you for sharing this with us. Your work is so charming and so honest in expression. It gives me a warm touch inside to see how  drawing and choice of wood grain blend together in a beautiful creation. Thank you again for your beautiful inspiring work. Sincerely yours, Hugo Valcke. Belgium

-I just had to drop you a line regarding the class you taught in Ohio at the Scrollsaw 2010 Expo. I finally got into my wood shop yesterday and all the tips you gave us really worked out well for me. I was a self taught intarsia woodworker and struggling to get my pictures finished. As it was, I only finished one since I started doing them. I applied everything you taught us and am almost finished with my second Intarsia picture and already planning to finish the many more I have laying around in the shop that I never thought I would get back to. You are an excellent Intarsia teacher. Thank you for the great class you taught. Frank Genuise. P.S. I took all the intarsia classes that were offered that weekend (by everyone) but your class was the most interesting and the only class I actually learned anything.

-I got received your Intarsia Woodworking For Beginners book.  I can't believe all of the beautiful pieces that you have made.  What an inspiration.    Matt C. Show Low, AZ

-Thought you'd like to see a pic of your turkey. It turned out great. It is one of the most impressive pieces I've done. It's for a turkey federation banquet, should bring good money. Thanks, Wes C.

-I would like to thank you for your insight in intarsia you have given me. I started in 2006 and have only finished about 10. I purchased one of your books and it has been such a helpful tool. I just wanted to let you know this and to say your projects are indeed a wonderful work of art.   Thank You,   Larry

-Thank you very much for the wonderful (fighting deer) scene, I am not as talented at shaping but i hope i did your idea justice. thanks, sincerely mike from jacksonville.

-Thought you'd like to see a pic of your turkey. It turned out great. It is one of the most impressive pieces I've done. It's for a turkey federation banquet, should bring good money. Thanks, Wes C.
-I ran into a man ... from Dupage County intarsia chapter.  He brought into the woodcraft store a finished 5 foot giraffe from your pattern collection.  It was so outstanding that I am going to try to do the 3 foot version.  Fred C.Downers Grove, IL

-The Clydesdales (pattern) went so well and your pattern was so simple to follow. I view your web site often to get ideas on how to detail my projects with character features and colors. You do so well at making things "realistic". Thanks for helping me make things so much more interesting. I look forward to getting more patterns from you. Thanks, Tom H.

-I just got my "Scrollsaw" magazine and I found your 'Got Cheese' pattern in it. It looked like a fun little pattern so I started it a couple of hours ago. ...And I'm having a ball doing it.... Thanks a lot for that pattern.- - - It's awfully cute. Jim .P.

-The fighting deer is a pattern from Kathy Wise and made a HUGE hit when I took it in to work for the woman that ordered it. When I took it in to work for the woman that ordered it, there was a virtual parade of men coming back to look at it. This is serious deer hunting country so was of keen interest to the hunters. The pictures don't do it justice. At over four feet long it makes an impressive statement! Kathy Wise has some terrific patterns, I just got some from her earlier this month. The patterns for the Christmas ornaments are from Kathy too, they made a big splash. Looks like I will be making a lot more ornaments too!
Judi K. WI

-Your intarsia is amazing and very beautiful and your book was very well written and helpful. Bill T. Boulder, CO

-I have received the patterns today,very happy , fast service , excellent communication ,a great pleasure doing business with you. Best regards, Claude R, Québec city, CANADA

The plans got to the P.O. yesterday but I was not able to get them until today. They arrived in perfect condition and I'll probably get started on the baby giraffe by the end of the week. Thanks again for the great service and I'll get back to you when I'm ready to order 5 or 6 of your larger patterns you have listed at $20.00. Nat

-I received this letter from a customer in Indianapolis, IN:  Dear Chuck, "Enclosed please find remittance for the two Cavalier King Charles intarsia creations. I couldn't have been more pleased with them.  They are truly works of art.  You have so well captured the essence of the sweet and cute little Cavalier pug nosed face. These I got as a birthday presents for my wife.  Her birthday is December 22nd, and it's hard to find something that distinguishes he birthday from Christmas.  These pieces will do the job quite well.  I know she will adore and cherish these little dogs .Thanks for a great job." Kathy, I would not have received such a letter if it was not for your great patterns.  Chuck F.

-I would like to thank you for your insight in intarsia you have given me. I started in 2006 and have only finished about 10. I purchased one of your books and it has been such a helpful tool. I just wanted to let you know this and to say your projects are indeed a wonderful work of art. Thank You,  Larry

-I was surfing the net last week and found (your free frog ornament) on your site, made a copy, enlarged it, and just finished making it. I am thrilled with the piece and I know it will make a nice addition to my friend’s game room wall. So I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it.   Paul S.   

-I do like your designs.  BTW I have your Intarsia Woodworking Projects book, and enjoy the patterns and tips it contains. .Thank you. Ian B.  Fullerton, CA

-I received the mule deer (custom intarsia piece) yesterday afternoon.  I am very pleased with the finished product!  Thanks so much for working with me in getting this thing done before Christmas.  I appreciate your hard work!  Have a great holiday season...Brandon T.

 -Special thanks to Kathy Wise for a wonderful ornament for the holidays. Christmas ornaments is one of my favorite items to make on the scrollsaw. A tradition in my wife's family is for everyone to give ornaments on Thanksgiving Day. Every year I have made a new piece of Kathy's nativity that was featured in the 2007 Holiday Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts. They all look forward to adding to the set and will not entertain the idea of me buying a store ornament for them. Thanks again for the ornament pattern of the month, many of my friends and family will get it this year as well. Happy Sawing, Toymaker

-I bought your book that has the Clydesdale horses and the Cowboy Roper.  I did both of these patterns and entered them into the DFW, SAW picnic competition in Denton, Texas .  I just wanted you to know that I won Best of Show, 1st place & Best in Class for the roper, and I also won 2nd place and Scroller’s Choice with the Clydesdale horses. Thanks for two nice patterns; I really enjoyed making them. ..  My compliments to you on your great patterns.  Jerry P. Willard, MO

-We saw your award-winning mural, "Jaguar Jungle" on your website.  What a stunning piece of work.  Congratulations! Doug and Julie R. Fl

 -I just love your work and hope one day I can be half as good as you are. Kind regards, Paul H. England

-I received your last patterns for which I would like first of all to thank you.
I would like to underline once more that they are the best ones I have ever seen and my collection has been enriched by adding these fantastic patterns.  Franco C.  Alessandria – Italy

-I recently have started doing intarsia and I love it.  I tried your Christmas ornaments from a scroll saw magazine I purchased.  Thank you for the simplicity of your designs so people just starting out don't get discouraged.  I am planning on making several intarsia gifts for Christmas this year and I am very excited to see the results. thank you again for making dreams come true and giving people the ability to try new challenges! Linda B. Monroe, NC

-Your work is phenomenal. N Kotanchek ,Warren, PA 

-Purchased and finished your "Cardinals on Tree" pattern.  Wife really likes it. Jerry J. Green Bay, WI

-Your work is great. Dave T.

-Just wanted to let you know my father loved the patterns and the gift card. He had the High Country Elk almost complete by XMAS.  He jumped right on the Turtle after he finished the ELK.  He has done several of these patterns and has gotten pretty good.   I am sure we will be ordering more patterns in the future. Thanks,  Joe V.

-Just wanted to send you a pic of our finished project (from SSW).... We used aspen bought from Lowes and left it natural for the snow, stained it red for the bird.... I had other scraps lying around, so we were able to use ebony for the face, rosewood for the pinecone and the bird's eye, cherry for the foliage..... Thanks for the help, and I look forward to the next project... BTW, my mother LOVED the gift....Thanks, David T.

-I just received your Bulldog pattern from Scroller.  This is a FANTASTIC design. Anyone that does woodwork & has a Bulldog will Love it. Thank you,  D. Rascoe, Sterling, IL

-Thanks for all the information that you gave me concerning the sanding mop.
I really like working with this tool, it's fast and clean. Adrien L. Qc, Canada

- My husband is busy doing the Dachshund the big one and it is turning out so good. The pattern is exquisite and easy for him to follow. Thanks . Loraine H.

-Thank you for all the great projects you contribute to Scroll Saw Magazine. Jenny .

-Just wanted to let you know that the order I placed came yesterday.  Everything was in perfect shape.  Love the patterns, so crisp and clean.   I ordered the Iris kit for my wife, she wanted to try the craft. What an incredible kit, you thought of everything to make it as easy as possible. The Intarsia poinsettia's (ornaments) were a huge hit this year.Thank you for your talent and energy to help other wood workers like myself get better and better at their craft. We all appreciate your generosity. I look forward to seeing what you have planned for Christmas this year.  Tony

-I just love your collection of ornaments offered in the special holiday edition of the Scrollsaw 'Workshop.  They are going to make a great Christmas present for all my family and friends this year.  They are also a wonderful introduction into the world of intarsia without breaking the wood budget. George R.

-When I saw the patterns that you created for the turkey and the stallion, I ordered them and I enjoyed doing those intarsia patterns. I like your style in intarsia patterns. Adrien L. Quebec, Canada

-I just wanted to say how wonderful your work is. I can not imagine the talent you have. My husband & I try to do some scroll saw & intarsia work. So I do have an idea how hard what you do is. I hope just to letting you know how appreciated you are, may make a happy day for you. Thanks for sharing your talent. Dyan & Jim T. Kelowna, BC Canada

-I have used many of your design, including the Pool Balls;  three sets of the Love Birds;  Buck Head #856;  Boston Terrier#152;  two sets of the Eagle #515;  Pug #136, and all have turned out well.   Keep up your good work. John D.

-My friend is now 78 and I am 74, so we are two old birds that spend a lot of time working on your patterns! We enjoy your patterns more than any. Ken P. Lake Country, B.C. Canada

-My name is Steve and I am from Australia. ... I think your Jaguar is brilliant. Steve F. Australia

-I just read my summer 08 edition of Scroll Saw, your article is fantastic, the intarsia bug has struck. Dennis A. Dinuba, CA

-I have really been enjoying your patterns. I recently finished your sunflower wreath from Scroll Saw Magazine, and it turned out great. I like the way you included a separate shaded pattern for sanding reference, it made the project so easy.  My favorite (so far) of your patterns, is the wreath with all the various birds nestled in it. I blew the pattern up to over 3 feet across and made if for above our fireplace in the living room. It looks absolutely beautiful and I get so many compliments on it. I think you have the best intarsia patterns of anyone out there!  Lisa M.  Avon, Ontario, Canada

- I looked at your website...which is really gorgeous by the way...and checked out your large intarsia projects...they are awesome!!!! You really do amazing work!!!  Dirk Boleman   The Art Factory, Platteville WI

-I am just getting started in scroll saw use and am looking at intarsia.  Thankfully, I was directed to your website.  The first thing that I noticed was that you have a LARGE copy of the "Quote from the Ethics Committee of the Scrollsaw Association of the World (SAW) on the use of patterns and copyright laws."  I do not publish my work, nor do I write or draw.  But I have been around art and artists most of my life and piracy is a huge problem.  I am impressed that you address it so clearly and so boldly.  Please keep designing, your art is fantastic and you are a treasure to the woodworking community.  David H.

-You are undoubtedly the best I have ever seen!  I have only been doing Intarsia for about three years, but I have viewed quite a number of others' works, including JGR, and YOU are phenomenal!  CA Ambridge, PA

-Fast work!  My hubby says they are one of the best patterns he has seen.  We ordered the Pomeranian, beagle and the horse.  My husband is really into intarsia.  He does a lot of it, but just for his and our children's benefit.  He has sold some also.  He loves the Art of doing it.  You do great work and thank you for the quickness of your mailing. J.W.

- I like your designs better than anyone else’s that I’ve seen. Yours are so much more detailed and realistic. Most others just look fake. Thank you and keep on designing those great patterns.  V. J.  Burr Oak, MI

-I love your work, especially the intarsia, thanks so much and keep on cutting!  C. A.  Wichita, KS

-I have to say your jaguar jungle is the best intarsia piece I have set my eyes on. I am just finishing one of JGR African Adventure piece which doesn't match your art work, the question I have is, do you sell the pattern for your jaguar jungle and if so how much? I would be honored to make one. THANKS. Mike L. Dorchester, Ontario, Canada
- I love your new jungle mural. What detail and design! I do some work myself...I have finished your turkey and it turned out great! I have not seen such talent. J.D. Point Pleasant, WV
-I really like the jaguar you won the show with. You created a new standard for intarsia. Jeff B.
- Just went to your web site tonight to see what's new, and WOW, what a beautiful piece, and congratulations on the awards. Very much deserved. Would be interested in how you did the spots on the cat, and the foliage is so life like. Incredible job... Keep up the good work, Kathy. M.W.
- Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a beautiful job you did on the Jaguar Mural. I recall during the Fox Chapel Open House that you mentioned you would like to do one but WOW!!! That Intarsia piece is without question the absolute best I have ever seen. The whole composition just "pops" for me and the fact that I have a preference for big cats makes it even more appealing. You have received several great comments on it on the Fox Chapel message board which is where I first learned of it. Congratulations on a wonderful work of art!!!!....N.M.
- Thanks Kathy, it was a great pattern (custom pattern) and the person I made it for was really pleased. Again , your patterns are the best. C.W.
- I am excited about making your (2007 issue) Nativity ornament collection, and plan to make two sets, one for each of my daughters! ...(I love doing this stuff!) ...Thank you for creating such great patterns! S.R. Winter Haven, Fl.
- THANK YOU Kathy, A while ago I ordered a "Rearing Stallion", #606, from you... I am having more fun doing this piece than any other piece that I have done in years. Thank you very much for making that pattern available. I anticipate having it done for a first showing on Saturday, and I'm certain that it will "WOW" the crowd. J. P.
- I just saw your "Jaguar Jungle" and I have to say that is the most AWESOME Intarsia project I have ever seen. I have been making Intarsia for over 8 years now with 105 projects under my belt and I have never seen anything like it. Recently, for some reason, I lost my desire to make Intarsia. It's been several months now since I made anything, but your "Jaguar Jungle" has re-inspired me and I really think I'm going to start again soon... You're the best Intarsian there is!!! D. A. Pasco, WA
- Your work is beautiful! My fiance Lloyd has done a couple intarsias ...( he) is very critical & he had nothing but praise for your work! C.J. Pekin, IL
- I found your website and your wonderful horses in IntarsiaÉ I was farming in IL and raising horses, Palominos and Quarter Horses ...Your intarsia Horses are the best I've ever imagined. M. C. Clinchfield, GA
- Some people do Intarsia but your work is the best I have ever seen! T. O.
- Your work is totally amazing. There are not words enough to describe the beauty and fine perfection of your work. The way you capture the realism of the piece with contour sanding and the difference in wood thickness just brings your work to life. So much so, I would be tempted not to touch the piece hanging on the wall for fear the animal would move... I am looking forward to seeing more of your work in SSW&C, not to mention getting your published work "Intarsia Woodworking Projects" in the fall. W. B. Downingtown, PA
- ....all i can say is WOOOW!!!! That's a lot of work!(Jaguar Jungle) I'm not sure I'd even attempt something that intricate, it must of taken months. You definitely are theee best intarsian I've ever met. I'm honored to know you. p.s. love a signed copy of book when it comes out. M.G.
- Saw the picture of Whitetail Woods in SCROLL SAW magazine. It is absolutely beautiful. D. F.
- I recently came across the San Diego County Fair Class Awards, 1st Place Winners list and saw your Jaguar Jungle piece. Your work is fantastic. I try to take my intarsia pieces to that next level that you have certainly achieved. T. O.
- My first lot of patterns were great- you've got yourself another regular customer. ....Keep up the good work. L.M. Cambridge, Ont.
- I read in (the) Summer 2007 issue that I was not the only one who enjoyed the Intarsia ornaments by Kathy Wise, as stated by Roy Whitford on the bragging page. They were fun, easy and looked great. Every time I made a set they seemed to disappear to family and friends. I hope (you) will design some more for Christmas 2007. S. Smith
- I'm sure glad you're out there, I keep getting orders for items where I need your patterns. You make patterns with the sawer or intarsia artist in mind. It's obvious you have been there. Thank you, G. E. Hustontown, PA
- We just finished some of your Christmas patterns from the latest Wood Magazine and had a lot of fun with them. B. M. Windsor, SC
- By the way, the pattern I received from you, #83 Newfoundland, I have it finished and it turned out great. Your patterns are very easy to work with, and I will be ordering more in the future. L. A.
- I am a subscriber of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts. I also am a great admirer of your artistic ability. I can barley wait to get the next issue, to see what may come my way. I'm always in awe, and can't wait to get started creating with you. Your patterns are wonderful, and give me such inspiration! C. G. Port Clinton, OH
- Your patterns give me peace and calm. ....I have done the rose intarsia and the Easter bunny. ..Keep on designing, I enjoy your work. K. L. Sulphur, LA
- After meeting you at the 2005 Branson Scroll Saw Picnic, I ordered some of your ScrollSaw intarsia patterns. One of the patterns was a Rearing Stallion... The project itself took me approximately 50 hours to complete and the result was so stunning to me, my family, other friends and acquaintances that I wanted to share some pictures with you. ... I'd like to compliment you on the beauty and realism of your design. It is truly the finest work that I've ever done and I am grateful to you for creating a pattern which inspired me to produce something as close to a work of art as I have ever been ( and perhaps will ever be) able to come. B.G.
- I am Amazed with the number of patterns that you have and the quality of your work. I have done one or two intarsia pieces; however I want to do many more. I found you add in the ScrollSaw WorkShop magazine, and thought that I would check you out! Man am I glad I did! I am now a true fan! L. S. PE Canada
- This is a long overdue thank you for the wonderful patterns you have been adding to the Scrollsaw Workshop magazines. I'm fairly new to woodworking, 4 years, so I'm still trying out all the different projects. My wife has really enjoyed the wreaths I've made; both the bird wreath and the poinsettia wreath. I did the turkey last year and entered it and a Lora Irish fretwork piece in the Minnesota State Fair. I got blue ribbons for each. This was the first time I've entered a juried contest, so I was well pleased. I hope to enter another one of your patterns this year. B.N, Minnesota
- First of all, thanks for your feature "Whimsical Christmas Ornaments" in the Holiday 2006 Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts Issue. You finally gave me the "guts" to try intarsia with your Christmas Ornament feature. Now I want to learn more... H.H. Wendell, NC.
- Received my order yesterday 12th Dec. Really fast and efficient service Kathy. The patterns were great and I have already started the border collie (Xmas gift). Thanks again fro the great service and you will definitely hear from me again . C. W. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
- I just finished my first Intarsia piece from one of your patterns. I liked the pattern very much as the finished piece looks very good, and the pattern was relatively easy to use. I will be ordering more patterns in the near future. ...Thanks for the great pattern, and the great selection of dogs. B. D. Omemee, ON, CANADA
- Thanks Kathy, FAX has been sent and you have a customer for life. I will pass on to all my fellow intarsia people of the great service and fast replies. C. W. Nova Scotia, Canada
- I absolutely loved the Christmas Ornaments featured in the ScrollSaw magazine. I can't wait to see what else is available. Thanks, J.V. Decatur, IL
- I'm sure glad you're out there, I keep getting orders for items where I need your patterns. You make patterns with the sawer or intarsia artist in mind. It's obvious you have been there. Thank you, G. E. Hustontown, PA
- We just finished some of your Christmas patterns from the latest Wood Magazine and had a lot of fun with them. B. M. Windsor, SC
- I attended your classes at the fox chapel open house and really enjoyed them . D. F.
- THANKS so much for your classes and all the valuable information I collected in your class. ( Fox Chapel Seminar) Also THANKS for having such WONDERFUL designs that you re - infected a woodworker with the desire to woodwork again. ....Maybe between your designs and my involvement at the school we can get some kids infected too. S.M.
- I finished the standing horse, Great! Your patterns are great. Just the right amount of detail, but not over done. Thank you. D. G. Kewanee, IL
- Thank you for the great patterns!!! I'm getting a lot of praise on these dogs n cats. I tell them that this great artist draws the most beautiful animals, they look on your site, and email me if I can do this one or that one, it's crazy! ... but I keep getting ...."my friend's friend's friend wants this dog done". M.G. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
- I just want to let you know I received my beagle pup (Finished KW intarsia piece) today and it is so beautiful. Thank you so much. The detail is extraordinary. I love the piece. I really appreciate all the time put into it. Thanks again ! A.L. Boonville NY
- Just looked at your new patterns, and incredible job on "Whitetail Woods". The close-up pictures really show the detail you put into it. .....Just finishing up the Beagle pattern for a customer. Keep up the great work, also really like the bucking bronc, and the over sized rearing stallion. M. W. Port Qu'Appello, SASK, Canada
- Regarding a Special Custom Pattern: Kathy, WOW that was fast....I just got the pattern today in the mail. I LOVE IT!!!! I am keeping you on my speed dial!!! Absolutely fantastic. I hope I can do it justice. Thanks so much....I send you a picture when I have it done. D.S. Collingswood, NJ
- Regarding a Special Custom Pattern: You are the greatest! The pattern lived up to my last expectation. The pattern arrived this a.m. I'll start gathering wood this afternoon. You are appreciated. Thanks, again. P.S. Del Rio, TX
- WOW, I AM IMPRESSED!!! You have beautiful designs and I love the rearing stallion, it's beautiful.... you have outstanding designs.... I love them all. D. S.
- I have always admired the beautiful intarsia I see at craft fairs, but until seeing your horse in a scroll saw magazine, I never wanted to attempt it myself. .... please keep up the beautiful work! B. H. Hebron, IN
- I thought you might enjoy seeing the pieces I made for the Branson Contest. They both took awards - 3rd and 4th Place. I really enjoyed the kits. They were easy to make and fun to do. It looks like they were a hit at the Branson Show. B.H. Arizona
- Your work is incredible! W.O. New Waverly, TX
- Thanks. the new dogs are fantastic. ..worth waiting for. I now have about 65 of your patterns and enjoy everyone of them . The people at the craft shows really enjoy them also. D.R. Englewood, FL
- Thanks for good service, I like the plan and it should turn out good, it is a surprise for one of my friends. K.L. Brampton Ontario, Canada
- I recently saw a sample of your custom intarsia in a copy of Scrollsaw Workshop. I was very impressed with your work. J. W. Sherwood, AR
- Love your work. I am now doing the rose that I got from the Scroll Saw Work Shop magazine. I do allot of intarsia and will be ordering patterns from you in the future. C.W. Nova Scotia ,Canada
- I feel in love with the golden pup piece...being a "mom" of two goldens. ( Purchased Kathy's Golden Pup Intarsia Piece at Show) Also checked out your website and love the other golden pieces. Guess I'll have to put them on my Christmas list! L.C. Alpine, CA
- God sure gave you a beautiful talent. And you sure use it beautifully. C.N. Fostoria, MI
- I had a great time doing the Persian cat. It was a great pattern and I loved the results. I used cedar, spruce, walnut and get the poison ivy for the eyes. I wanted something green and after poison ivy wood has dried it is safe to work with. Thanks again for letting me share this. I look forward to doing more of your patterns. A.G. Blowing Rock, NC
- I received my patterns. I can't wait to get started on them. Your patterns are so detailed and fine. I just love them. As an akita owner and lover, I was elated to see the akita. (pattern) Thank you for your beautiful patterns. M.V. Apple Valley, CA
- My dad has informed me his pattern has arrived safe and sound. He has asked me to pass on his heartfelt thanks for such a prompt response and for a pleasant sale. He is now a happy man again and my mum never sees him because he's always in his work shop!! Many thanks. S.S. North Wales, United Kingdom
- I just wanted to say thank you again for the opportunity to work with you and learn about intarsia. I had no idea that it would be so much fun! The iris kit that you put together is a great way to introduce intarsia to anyone. The directions are easy to follow for a beginner like me, and end up with something to be proud to display. Sally F. Avoca, MI
- I made a "Spring Gobbler" from the spring issue of the magazine.... Looks good for a beginner. Thanks much for your catalog and the good work you do. It inspires me. M.H. Gray, GA
- I love your website - your work is so very beautiful. L.D. Calumet City, IL
- My father has subscribed to the scroll saw workshop magazine and has made the Arabian Horse head and the Calico Cat. He has thoroughly enjoyed using your patterns and learning about your intarsia, thus spurring him on to continue advancing his skills. S.H. North Wales, Great Britain
- I don't remember how I found your web site, but am very happy that I did. I am sure that I will be ordering more patterns in the future. I also attend some local craft shows etc. I will now be able to take your catalogue to these shows so that people can find a pattern that they like. B.D. Omemee, ON Canada
- I am a big fan of your work, I have done some of your patterns , the Christmas wreath is great. I have made and sold 7 copies so far. ...people love them. Thanks so much for all the great patterns, keep up the good work. L.P. Hiram, GA
- I love your patterns as they are now delivered. Very easy to follow and I like the fact that most fit on an 11 x17 sheet of paper. ...I look forward to your new patterns as many customers keep asking for more and more different breeds of dogs. M. I. Coventry, RI
- I made your "bird wreath" and have received many compliments on it - kudos to you and your artistic ability. R. S. Blenheim, ON Canada
- Congratulations on your turkey in scrollsaw workshop. I see you are taking shaping to the next level with the ruffled feathers. Keep up the great work and again your turkey turned out wonderful. T. B. Hartford, WI
- Hi....Thought you'd like to see a pic of your wreath I made from Scroll Saw Mag. Used redheart, walnut and yellow Alaskan cedar. Thanks for another great pattern. W.C. Hancock, WI
- First I'm totally awestruck at your work. I'm convinced that God Has blessed you with an outstanding talent and helped you to develop it so magnificently. It's been such an inspiration to me. Thank you! N.S.
- Want to thank you for your wonderful talent. ... I have made your Calico-cat pattern and it turned out wonderful. You are an inspiration and from looking at what your web site - you have been busy. Thank you much. M.M. Pelahatchie, MS
- I just finished another project from your exceptional patterns. I did the Cougar (# 516) I think it came out great. I used all hardwoods except for the Cedar frame. In place of the white background, I used an 11 x 14 oval mirror. I am now working on the Bobcat. I plan to complete the entire series. B. P. Olive Branch, MS
- I really love your Turkey. I can see you put a lot of time and detail into it... Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your work. R. L. Fond du Lac, WI
- I have just finished the Poinsettia Wreath Intarsia .... it was a nice pattern to work with and have had a lot of comments on the Wreath. Thanks. W. L. Spokane WA
- Hey Kathy, I finally got the time to make Olivia (Special Order Dog). It went together really well and was very scroller friendly. Great drawing, you caught the expression perfectly! Others have committed on how it captures the exact head tilt and eye expression . Thanks again T. M.
- I love your work and check your website often. D.D. Sterling Heights, Michigan
- I saw some intarsia projects from your patterns at a recent crafts show and was so impressed I looked on your web site for patterns. ... I would definitely order a Brussels Griffon head study (natural ears please) pattern when and if you have time or inclination to make one. I will keep checking your site. Your patterns are by far the nicest and true to the breed that I have found. B. L. Brookings, OR
- I recently came across your ad in Scroll Saw magazine. I went to your web site and bought 6 patterns. Attached is a picture of the first one that I have finished, Laughing Paint. ... I want to congratulate you on the detail, and exceptional quality of your patterns and subjects. I have completed probably 100 intarsia projects using patterns by various artists, and until now, the only patterns I was happy with were those done by JGR. Thanks to you, I now have another source that will keep me busy for years to come. B. P. Olive Branch, MS
- I just got my new copy of Scroll Saw work Shop & admired your page. I would very much like a copy of your catalog so we can do business, am a woodworker from way back. B.B. Mountain Home, Arkansas
- Kathy, my friend Roger T. was a contestant at Branson this last weekend and he saw your turkey intarsia and fell in love. Will you be having the pattern soon? M.T. Texarkana, TX
- I just finished making your Birds Berries Winter Wreath, that was in Scroll Saw Work Shop Holiday 2004 Issue # 17. It came out very well, thanks for such a nice pattern. Your Bichon pattern is realistic and very cute. How do I go about ordering one from you? Thanks again. E.C.Port Huron, MI
- I was browsing through your intarsia patterns for a Doberman, and I see that you have two. I am buying this for my son,.. By the way, that rearing stallion is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks! J.S.
- It was great to chat with you at Chipping Away (wood show)last month - you have some excellent patterns and I am going to give a few of them a try. M.K. Flushing, MI
- Kathy, I was quite impressed with your Poinsettia Wreath. R.S. Nashville, TN
- Just a note to Kathy Wise to let you know your Wreath in Scroll Saw Workshop looks great, nice work all around on it. Bruce W.
- These new dog patterns look great. My Fall craft shows have turned out great, largely due to your great patterns.... Thanks, for your tremendous talent. C.F. Villa Rica, GA
- Your Boxer puppy is so precious. I have two boxers of my own and I'd love to add yours to my family. V.A. Campobello, SC
- Got the Border Terrier (Special Order Pattern) and it's just right. Thanks. F.F. Bremerton, WA
- These ( bird wreath & Scottie patterns) were great fun, look forward to doing more of your patterns. P. Y.
- I am truly enchanted with your winter wreath pattern. R. L. Quebec. Canada
- I admired and enjoyed your "Arabian Horse" intarsia project that is featured in the Summer 2005 issue of Scroll Saw Work Shop magazine. P. C. St. Stephens Church, VA
- When I saw your Birds & Berries Winter Wreath in the Scrollsaw Workshop magazine issue No. 17, I fell in love with it, then I found out that you have several other Christmas Wreaths available. I am making three of your beautiful Birds & Berries Wreaths for my 3 veterinarians. I.W. Edmonds, WA
- I have just received my first copy of Scrollsaw Workshop from the USA and was very very impressed by your Arabian Horse design and the fact that you have so many designs available. I like doing horses, cats and dogs. C.B. Queensland, Australia
- Thanks again for your fine article and the time to answer my questions!!! J.C. Glendora, CA
- I am working on my fourth Bird Christmas Wreath. Friends and Family have been highly complementary of design & construction. Thank you very much. J.B. Blacksburg, SC
- Just reading my "Scroll say workshop" and I ran into the pattern for your Arabian horse and thought it was wonderful. G.W. Moose Jaw, Canada
- I am working on the Arabian Horse at the present time and enjoying it ! J.H. Riverton, WY
- I'd just like to say, the things I've seen in my magazines associated with the name "Kathy Wise" are simply spectacular, keep up the good work. G.K. Derbyshire, England
- Your work is amazing! D. P. Canyon Country, CA
- (Kathy Wise's) Fall Leaf Frame: in my opinion, the most interesting project in the magazine (Fall Scrollsaw Workshop 05 issue). Very innovative and attractive. I'll put this in my must-do list of projects, and probably do several. ( critique from a fellow contributor)
- I love all your creations and will have to try more of the patterns. What a talent you have!! J.A. Wichita, KS
- I have been doing intarsia for many years, but when I saw your "Winter Wreath" I knew I had to build it. The wreath came out so beautiful that my wife grabbed it for our own home. I usually give these intarsias away for Christmas gifts. So... I had to build a second one and it is also a beauty. Anyways, I like your designs. R. D. San Bernardino, CA
- Saw and greatly admired your work in Scroll Saw Workshop. J.B. Ocala, FL
- I have made the Boston Terrier, Calico Cat, and Arabian Horse from the ScrollSaw Workshop magazine. Your patterns are very good. Thanks J. S. Lakeland, FL
- Well done! They're (your dog patterns) fantastic! Your magazine articles are great and much appreciated, too. Thank you for sharing those with us. C.E. Temple, TX
- I have done 2 of your patterns (Bird Wreath and Scotty on the pillow). I really want to say they are great patterns. Paul Y.
- Hi, I just love the sitting Pekingese that I saw at your site on the internet. H.E. Sweden.
- I think this Rearing Stallion pattern is the best I have seen to this point! Thanks Kathy! Bob D.
- Recently saw about 15 of items done from your patterns. Beautiful ! F.F. Bremerton, WA
- Keep up the good work on your patterns. The dog patterns are going over great at my craft shows this spring. When you get more; let me know. C. H. F.
- Really enjoy your patterns! Thanks. L.M. Avilla, IN
- I received the (custom) pattern. Wow!!! It is outstanding. I love it! You did a beautiful job. I am sooo very pleased with it. You are truly an artist... Thank you for everything. You have been a pleasure to do business with. M.VG. Apple Valley, CA
- Dear Kathy, I am currently working on your calico cat pattern from the Scroll Saw Workshop magazine. I love your patterns and plan to do more of them in the future. R.S. email
- I just received the current issue of "Scroll Saw Workshop" and your intarsia work was in the magazine. Your work is beautiful, ....Thank you. D. B.
- You really do fantastic work on the images and I don't care if they're "tested" or not. Any good intarsia artist can make the adjustments that they think they might need but I have no problems with your patterns just the way they are. V. M. Vevay, IN
- I made the Christmas wreath from Scroll Saw Workshop for a bird lover and it was a great hit. Thanks. J.S.
- I am currently working on your calico cat pattern from the Scroll Saw Workshop magazine. I love your patterns and plan to do more of them in the future.
- Thanks for a great pattern! Used the one from Scroll Saw Workshop and turned out beautiful! Easy to read and worked well. A. D. Simpsonville, SC
- I know there was a discussion pertaining to your patterns being tested. I have purchased several patterns now and haven't had a problem with them yet. L.T.
- I'm a 100% disabled Vet and when I can work at scrolling I can make a little extra money. Your plans are great to work from. Thanks again, T. B. Standwood, WA
- I received my copy of Scroll Saw work shop today and enjoyed the article about you and your work. D.S. Long Beach, CA
- I've been hearing a lot of good things about the patterns that you have available on dogs. P.L. Round Lake Beach, IL
- Kathy has some fantastic dog patterns! If anyone is interested in some very, very nice dog patterns, including some full body patterns, ask her for a copy of the catalog. J.H.
- Dogs and Cats are my favorite intarsia projects. ... I was very excited to see a NEW person doing intarsia patterns. All I can say is "You go Girl!" G.L. NS Canada
- Your Intarsia products... they look real and perfect. A.C. Alberta, Canada
- Dear Kathy, Welcome! I am thrilled to see a new INTARSIA face on the scene. W. C. Berlin, CT
- Intarsia has been a great hobby for me over the years. Keep up the good work. You make my hobby look good! A.S. Lake Havasu City, AZ
- Keep up the good work, your animal patterns are awesome. As an intarsia artist I appreciate a great design and I have completed two of yours and have been VERY PLEASED with the results. G.E. Hustontown , PA
- It was a pleasure speaking with such a mult-talented artist. My hat is off to you. Roger
- Got the mag and it was a great pattern, and informal, being still new to Intarsia,....keep up the great work, and looking forward for more articles in the future from you... D.T. Akron, Ohio
- It is good to see another designer jump into the ring and give us new and fresh patterns. Keep up the good designs and get a cat line going as big as your dog one! Best of luck with it. J.M. Friday Harbor, WA
- You do beautiful intarsia work. Really am inspired by all your dogs! Thanks for sharing them. S.G. Martinez, CA
- Was glad to get the new issue with your article. Was very excited to see the picture of the wreath that was part of the article and looked on your web site to see if it was for sale. Guess I will have to wait for the magazine issue with that one included. Was very impressed with both your article and your web site. T. D. Grabill, IN
- I was checking out your intarsia patterns and I am really impressed. S. L.
- Kathy, I received your patterns the on 19th, They are very Nice, You do very good work and Thank You. Tim.
- Hi Kathy, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I like your work. One of the guys in the wood working group I belong to posted your web address. I went there and was in awe for a long time. I always admire those with special talents, and you appear to be one of those. ... keep up the wonderful work. L.P.
- You really do lovely work, the horses are great and the other things are very well done as well. R.S. Blenheim, ON Canada
- I can see through the magazine your intarsia work is top of the line. M.J. Dayton Ohio
- I will be ordering more patterns from you soon. The stores that I sell my products love the dogs that I make from your patterns. B.C. Warren. MI
- Awesome patterns! A. N. GA
- I checked out your site and you have quite a history and have been at your profession for a long time. No wonder you do such a great job. Your product is really amazing. D.M. Canada
- I would like to start out by say I think your Winter Wreath is very beautiful. I intent to start up the old scroll saw and make it. I have not used the saw for a couple of years, but you are forcing me to do it....... Thanks J.S. North Riverside, IL
- Just sitting here getting excited over the latest issue of ScrollSaw Workshop! ;) Very nice article of your wreath--I really like this one. N.B
- Thanks for the Birds and Berries Wreath in Scroll Saw Workshop Holiday 2004. When I saw your pattern, I immediately began making plans to make one. I'll be looking for another of your projects in the magazine. J.W.
- By the way, I first saw your patterns in the Scroll Saw Workshop magazine. They look very realistic and challenging. I've been doing intarsia for the past 4 years and am very impressed with your patterns. Keep up the great work!!!! D.C.
- Thanks for your wonderful patterns and I await you new ones. J.L. Oregon Wi.
- Bill has been having a wonderful time producing intarsias from your patterns. You are a clever lady. M. C.
- I buy a lot of your patterns and I really like them. D.O. Ontario, Canada
- My next project will be the beautiful Calico cat in the Spring 2005 issue of Scroll Saw Work Shop. G.K. Davenport, FL
- It's hard to find patterns that are realistic and don't look like cartoon characters. Thank you! K.L. Jackson Center, PA
- I found the pup(pattern) a lot of fun to shape, which is what, for me, determines how "good" a pattern is. Sometimes they just "flow" along, sometimes they don't, and this one definitely flowed. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I look forward to making your calico cat soon as well.... L.H. Canada
- We thought you might like to see the Shetland Sheepdog that I have made from your plans. It has turned out very beautiful, Many thanks for your plans. A.L. Mackay Nth Qld Australia
- I have purchased several of your canine intarsia patterns and I am quite happy with them. I particularly like the expression the dogs have. R.W.
- Jim thinks your patterns are wonderful. Today he finished a (bobcat) head that is just wonderful... J.S. Berkley Springs, WV

-Have almost completed the 10 dog patterns you sent me. Your work is truly wonderful, Tom P.


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