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Kathy Wise Newsletter Dec 2013
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Updated Nov. 27, 2013

Intarsia Birds:
Woodworking the Wise Way


USA w/shipping


Bird Intarsia Book

The book is here and ready to ship out! See the below reviews:

Fantastic! Piece numbered-Details so helpful. Well worth the wait.  Joan Z.  Brighton, MI

Excellent, I have all of them (books) and will purchase a copy of everyone you publish. Signing it made it extra special. You are a great artist and no one else compares to yours! Thanks, Carl H. Coolville, OH 

Another awesome book .  Larry M. Avilla, IN

Great Book. Can't wait to make the owls.  Already made the pheasant. Thank you! Ron O.  Neosho, WI 

Gorgeous Patterns as always. Love the basic intarsia info at the beginning.  Velma, M. Three Forks, MT

The bird book arrived today, it is a great book, lots of great patterns . Hope you sell tons of books.              Cliff W.    

Thank you received your book the other day. Very nice book.  Thanks again,   John H.

Hi-     Your New Bird book was worth the wait.  All the birds are amazing.  You are truly a wonderful artist.  I can't wait to start on one.  Only thing is, which do I pick, as they are all great.  Thank You,  Alfred K.    Clio ,Michigan

I just received your new intarsia birds book yesterday. I would like to congratulate you for that wonderful work  you have done  in that book.   It was worth the wait.  Thanks’ again   ,Adrien L.

Awesome birds, love any pattern you come up with.  Easy to follow and are the tips. Keep up the great work.  Sandy N.,  Tiffin, OH

I received the new Intarsia Bird Book.  The information in the front of the book is great, and the patterns are beautiful.  I just have to decide which one to start first.
Jerry S.

I just received my Intarsia Birds Book.  I love it!  Well done!  You have captured the beauty, strength and delicacy of species you decided to showcase in your book.  I’ve planned my projects already.  The screech Owl will be my first and the barn owl my second.  I’m experienced but have never tried any of your advanced patterns.  I think I’m going ventured into that category with the Osprey, Peregrine Falcon, American Kestrel, flying Pheasant, and the Great Horned Owl. I love the turkey but that one still scares me a bit.  However, I think that once I get the first advanced under my belt, my confidence and skill will be equal to the task to re-create that beautiful tom turkey....I like that you added some very simple birds, when I have down time and don’t want to start a major project I’ll turn to an easy, the chickadee for example, intarsia or segmentation pattern.  Sharon R.   Stafford, VA

I sat in bed and I read almost the entire book.  It is SO good - well worth the wait.  And, YES, plan on developing another one.   ...the book is beautifully done.  Jim H.

Well worth the wait, Thank you Kathy.   Richard H.  D, OH

Enjoyed it very much.  Vern G.   Fort Pierce, FL

Excellent Book!  Larry G.  Northwood, ND

I just received it. It looks great.  Clarence B.  Merasha, WI

I just received the book, and it was definitely worth the wait.  Your patterns are "Awesome", and I can't wait to get started immediately on the Great Horned Owl. The signature was a very nice touch, thank you.    Mickey P.

Excellent, I have all of your books and will purchase a copy of everyone you publish. Signing it made it extra special! You are a great artist and no one else's work compares to yours. Thanks, Carl H.  Coolville, OH.

Hi Kathy book arrived this morning. wow what a book absolutely amazing. so many lovely projects to do. thank you so much I love it. thanks again Gary L.  Australia

I like the different looks you have done with side, top & bottom views  of the finished birds - looks great! Looking forward to any new books you may have for the future. You did a real outstanding job on this one.  Danny P.,  St Petersburg, FL

I love it! Already started making a Great Horned Owl. Plans for the bobwhite quail next.  Michael D.  Sapulpa, OK

Another Great Book! Thanks Kathy.   Duane T., Aloha, OR   

Just added several things to my list. I'll never get caught up now!! I wish the road runner was in there! The book is awesome! Scott C.

I agree with Scott...I was already behind on sea chests, coin holders, pens, and shadow cases...now I have birds to make. I am starting with one of the owls. My wife likes it, so she is first!...Awesome book Kathy, it will be a joy to make many projects out of it. Steven L.

The book will be worn out from me browsing thru it constantly before I finally chose the one I want to do first! The book is very well done and certainly entices me to get back down to my workshop when the heat breaks. Well done Kathy! Nancy H.

Saving the book for when the kids return from their summer vacation. I know they'll be as excited as I am to open and go through it! DeNault S.

I got mine one day last week. It is Awesome!! Love the collection of all your books. Thank you Kathy Wise And keep up the great work. Steve C.

I ordered mine yesterday and I think I have to wait about 4 weeks until it arrives in Germany... I am really looking forward to holding it in my hands and planning the first project! Ann-Marie N.

I got mine today!!! Love it ...I'm working on your pattern "Girl with Boots" then on to the "Girl on Swing" then I can move to these!! Can't wait to try the Great Horned Owl! Micki A.

I am Super happy with the new bird book. I will do an Owl first. Mark A.
Book arrived this morning. Wow what a book, absolutely amazing.  So many lovely projects to do. Thank you so much , I love it.  Thanks again.  Gary L.
The projects are very nicely done.    Thank you,   Dean D.


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Please feel free to send photos of your KWD Intarsia Projects to me. I will post them on the gallery page. If you can't find the pattern you are looking for, please drop me a line and let me know. I will put it on my "to do" list.

Keep on Sawing! Kathy Wise

owl cover

My Great Horned Owl from the Book is on the cover of Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts. With the step by step article.


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rose patternrose
Labrador-ables #231 for $25___ 288pcs___34" x 19"
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