Intarsia Patterns

Rearing HorseRearing Horse

Kathy Wise's Intarsia Art
I have been sculpting dogs and animals professionally for over 30 years. To see more about my art background go to the Artist Profile Page. Or check out the In the News page featuring a series of articles I have written for Scroll Saw Work Shop magazine featuring my pattern designs. I have worked in many medias over the years including clay, ceramic, bronze, stone, as well as wood. I enjoy the different colors and grains in the assorted woods I use in my intarsia pieces. I try to get a lot of depth and use of grain direction in my intarsia art, like the Rearing Stallion piece I made displayed on this page. It is 38" tall and I used 3/4" to 2" thick Black Walnut with Ebony for the eye, ear and nose. I used a RBI Hawk scroll saw to cut it, and a pneumatic drum sander for all my shaping. I finished the pieces on a sanding mop and used clear gel varnish for a nice soft glow. It is an oversized version of pattern #606 ($20).. If you are interested in large oversized patterns, email or write for a price quote. I cut the Elk out of cedar, oak, black walnut, basswood and ebony. It is one of 8 wildlife patterns available in a new Piece pattern format. My raccoon wreath is laid out in stages for you to see the steps involved in creating an intarsia piece. It clearly shows the difference in the color of the finished wood verses the unfinished and is very interesting to see how work progresses. I also accept special commissions for my intarsia work, including murals and large wall pieces.

Racoon Wreath Steps golden pup

Custom Intarsia Patterns
I can create a special custom order pattern of a dog or other pet from your photo or from my own reference material. The cost of a custom pattern is $90. The $90 fee is non-refundable and covers the time it takes to produce the pattern. Kathy Wise Designs owns all copyrights to any custom patterns and may sell reproductions. There is an extra charge for patterns over 14 inches.

For more information on custom pattern orders, or to order a catalog, please send an email to , write me at Kathy Wise Designs Inc. PO Box 60, Yale, MI 48097, or fax your request to Fax No: 810-387-9044
How I Started Designing Patterns
I first began designing intarsia patterns for my father-in-law Phil MacDonald over fifteen years ago. When one of his customers would ask for a hard to find dog breed or want a special custom intarsia of their pet, I would create the pattern. Phil's customers loved their unique intarsia pieces and I realized there was a demand for uncommon patterns..... patterns that were not easily available or impossible to find. I started to market my patterns and the response was wonderful, intarsia artists tried my patterns with great results and have been making pattern requests ever since. I offer a wide variety of dog breeds, cat breeds, horses and wildlife.... new and different patterns will be added soon. If you are looking for a certain dog breed or other uncommon subject matter, please drop me a line at and I will add it to my " to do list" . Check back often to see if it has been added, or you can order a custom pattern and have it right away, see below. To see photos of completed intarsia pieces from various artists, go to my Gallery Page.

About my Intarsia Pattern Designs
I have designed custom patterns from photos for many different intarsia artists, subjects ranging from dogs to alpacas. All of these patterns were not tested prior to sending them to my customers. Every client was very pleased with their pattern and finished piece. Many of these patterns are included in my catalog section. Some of the new patterns posted on my store pages have not yet been produced in wood. This enables me to supply a wide selection of unique and seldom found patterns to intarsia artists... patterns like my Shar Pei, Miniature Pincher,Welsh Corgi and Tennessee Walker Horse. My patterns are designed for intermediate and advanced woodworkers who have some experience in working with intarsia. I do have some beginner patterns and kits as well. I do not include a color photo of the finished piece. I use a gray scale thumbnail of the pattern to indicate the lights and darks in each pattern. I know intarsia artists like to pick out the type and color of their wood according to personal preference and what is available locally. I believe a pattern should be a starting point for the intarsia artist... each intarsia piece is a unique and creative vision produced by the woodworker. I have received many wonderful emails and letters from customers who have used and enjoyed making my patterns, some are listed on the testimonial page if you would like to read them. If you are looking for something new and different, try one of my patterns. I am so sure that you would be happy with my patterns, I will send a free pattern for you to try. Just mail your address to me and ASK FOR A FREE PATTERN, (along with $3 for postage in US and Canada) and I will send a sample pattern of my Labrador Puppy in Doggy Door , " Are You Home Yet?" , a $10 value, along with a catalog. There is no postage charge if you just want to have a catalog without the free pattern.

Elk Final Picture
Custom Order

Please read this Quote from the Ethics Committee of the Scrollsaw Association of the World (SAW) on the use of patterns and copyright laws.

"So what do those copyright notices really mean:
...Only patterns you have designed can be distributed or sold by you. Other patterns you have acquired are not for you to distribute or give away.
The pattern making community we are all trying to support is facing a major crisis. Giving patterns away or trading them seems like the right thing to do to many people. They think that once they have obtained a pattern by purchasing it or getting it free from a web site that they can do with it whatever they want. If the pattern was purchased, the designer was attempting to get compensated for his efforts monetarily.... When you give patterns away that are not yours, you have taken those benefits from the designer.
Think about some of these things as you use patterns:
*If designers cannot make enough money from their sales they will stop designing patterns.
*Too much abuse of pattern copyrights, and we may find all pattern designers take their patterns off the market.
How you can help:
*When you make a project, give the designer credit for furnishing the pattern.
*When someone asks about a pattern, tell them where you obtained it from, do not just give them a copy.
*When someone asks for a pattern on a web site, tell them where to get it, don't just give them the pattern."

The Ethics Motto of SAW
I pledge to uphold the copyright laws on patterns. I will give credit to designers when I show projects. I will help designers by referring people to sources for patterns, not giving patterns away.