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Kathy Wise Commissions
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Custom Intarsia Murals

I am accepting commissions for one of kind and limited edition custom designed pieces. I specialize in wildlife and animals, but can design any subject matter into a beautiful piece of art for you to display. Prices will vary depending upon the number of pieces, type of wood used and the size of the piece. Contact me at: kathywise@bignet.net for pricing information. Add a unique and stunning original art piece created by an award winning intarsia artist to your collection.

whitetail woods mural

jaguar on branch

For more information on how to commission an original Kathy Wise Custom mural, please send an email to:

kathywise@bignet.net or write to:

Kathy Wise Designs Inc.

PO Box 60, Yale, MI 48097

Or fax your request to Fax No: 810-387-9044

baby whale

Humpback whale mural

8 foot by 8 foot

"Humpback Whale & Calf" Mural

In the art collection of Rebecca Watson, Alabama. Made from Black Walnut, Birdseye Maple, Ebony, Aspen, Scyamore & Black Walnut Burl. It has 612 pieces.

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All copyrighted patterns are sold for the personal use of the purchaser.
The reproduction of any pattern for distribution is strictly prohibited.
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